Play Wordle Game: Guess the Hidden Word

Become a masterful code and breaker decipher the secret word in under 6 attempts. The challenges can range from 4 characters and up to 11. Begin by typing any submission into the upper row. Made up words and random keystrokes don’t count. The letters that happen to be in the right spots will become green. The misplaced ones will turn yellow. Some will stay gray. They are incorrect and should be revised. Use that feedback to methodically solve the puzzle.

Play Wordle with Various Number of Letters

Customize the experience by adjusting the complexity of the task. 4-character ciphers are pretty easy, but figuring out 11 symbols at a time is super challenging.

How to play the Wordle Game?

  1. Type in a suitable starting word
    To begin, submit a term with the appropriate numer of characters. See which of the symbols correspond with the answer. There is a maximum of six attempts to gradually unravel the mystery.
    PLAY WORDLE - Type in a suitable starting word
  2. Deduce the sequence of letters by trial and error
    The characters stored in yellow boxes are currently misplaced. If they are highlighted in green, then both the symbol and its location are spot-on. The color gray indicates that the codeword has no such characters. Make note of the data and adjust accordingly.
    PLAY WORDLE - Deduce the sequence of letters by trial and error
  3. Solve the puzzle and find out what the answer is
    After receiving valuable feedback, things start falling into place. Keep the green tiles intact, move the yellow ones around, and get rid of grays. Come up with a term that fits all the parameters. Avoid repeating previously used symbols. Think carefully, and gradually unveil the solution to achieve victory.
    PLAY WORDLE - Solve the puzzle and find out what the answer is

Wordle Game for Kids

Wordle has a simplified mode that is more accessible. It features words that most middle-schoolers know. The number of letters can be as low as three. It’s a wonderful exercise to improve comprehension, mental acuity and logical reasoning.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Wordle work?
    The objective is to decode a secret word without knowing any of the letters. The challenger has only 6 tries to succeed. Type in a suitable option to find out how close it is to the answer. It has to be an actual existing term. Once the submission is processed, the app gives color-coded feedback:
    [gray] This is a complete miss. Try another symbol.
    [yellow] Partial match. The character is not where it needs to be
    [green] Direct hit. Don’t change this letter.
    Make all the symbols green to reveal the solution and complete the mission.
  2. What word should I try first?
    The starting submission is very important because it provides a lot of useful information. To maximize the benefits, ensure that it doesn’t contain any repeating characters. Additionally, it should have at least three vowels since their placement can be very telling. Many users suggest starting with something like “OCEAN” or “VIOLA”. However, some swear by a different approach which revolves around the most commonly used characters. In this case, go for “STARE” or “MAKER”.
  3. What dictionary does Wordle use?
    The puzzle uses a standard dictionary that includes nearly 275 thousand American English words. Moreover, the array keeps growing and incorporating additional terms suggested by real users.
  4. What does the "Word not found" error mean?
    It indicates the submitted word is not present in the database. Double-check the spelling, or try something else instead. If the term in question definitely exists, contact the support. If everything checks out, it might be added in a future update.
  5. The solution doesn’t make sense. Is it a mistake?
    Very rarely, the answer happens to be misspelled or downright inaccurate. In that case, please let the support know. The team will review the issue and address it if necessarsy.
  6. How do I edit an entered letter?
    If a character was entered by mistake, simply delete it using the Backpace key. Keep in mind that deleting an already submitted word is impossible.
  7. Where can I download Wordle?
    Downloadable versions for Android and iOS devices are currently in development. Fortunately, the web-based build supports both PCs and smartphones. Add this page to favorites and visit it whenever convenient using an Internet browser.
  8. Can I share a specific codeword with others?
    Absolutely. To do that, click on the icon located in the upper-left corner of the screen. Choose the desired difficulty and find the solution. Then, copy the link and paste it anywhere to create a post or a message. Share the experience with peers and family and enjoy some friendly competition.
  9. What languages does the game support?
    The Wordle Game is popular in many different regions across the world. The list of compatible dictionaries includes American and UK English, most European languages, as well as Indonisian, Filipino, and Russian. As the project becomes more popular, additional localizations should follow suit.
  10. The game is not hard enough. Can I make it more challenging?
    There are a couple of ways to increase the difficulty. Firstly, the more letters there are, the more challenging the puzzle. Secondly, there is a special Hard setting. Activate it in the main menu. That way, the already identified letters must be incorporated into subsequent submissions.
  11. Is Wordle appropriate for younger children?
    Wordle is a great brain teaser suitable for any age. It is intellectually stimulating and does wonders for mental acuity and critical thinking. The youngest players should consider playing the kid-friendly build first to learn the ropes. It only features basic words from the typical middle school program. Additionally, the simplest tasks have only three characters.